Elliot Sudal is working on various projects and dedicates most of his time to promoting shark tagging and conservation. He routinely appears on network television, such as the Today Show, Good Morning America,  National Geographic Channel and Discovery Channel and is featured in print and digital media publications such as the New York Post, Town & Country, National Geographic, The Huffington Post, The Weather Channels and Business Insider. See below some of current and past projects. 

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Shark Tagging

Tagging sharks for scientific research. 

Summer 2019 

Join Elliot for an unforgettable adventure next summer!

Speaking Engagements

Elliot regularly gives lectures on land-based shark fishing, shark conservation and tagging efforts. 

Brand Ambassador

Elliot is a brand ambassador for a diverse selection of brands, he loves.

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Shark Week 2018
"Sharks gone wild"

Elliot was featured on Shark Week 2018

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national geographic's "The Raft"

Elliot was a contestant on the first episode of the survival show "The Raft".

History Channel's "Swamp

Elliot participated in History Channel's hit TV show "Swamp Mysteries with Troy Landry"

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